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Kids and Gadgets!

As a kid I had a bad reputation of being a toy explorer. I played with my toys (mostly electronic toys) for a brief time and then opened them for good. The best part would be to break a circuit and then join it only to feel like an engineer. I opened every toy up using the 'plus' wala screwdriver as out electrician boy put it. So off I went unscrewing minute screws from plastic china and fibre, which put off my parents for a bit but did not have a major effect on them as they did not cease to buy me remote controlled cars in spite of knowing its future.

So I also built aeroplanes that never flew but the fan on it ran like a propeller(courtesy: motor flicked from the king climber, an all terrain tank ordered from Asian Sky Shop). Many years have passed since that and I see all that repeating at my house. My younger brother enjoys opening up the toys more than playing with them. So guess all we kids are just plain curious about technology.

This was confirmed when I sat at Inorb…