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Simple Joys and Battles

One of my good friends stays at BKC. One of the coolest places to live if you ask me especially when there are not many residential complexes. Bandra Kurla Complex is an upmarket corporate zone, housing offices of major corporations including the RBI. So the usual din that surrounds residential localities is absent but not missed. The calm is pleasant and it is fun to watch corporate workers go about their daily tasks in their glass enclosures. Sometimes you even spot a few of them unwinding over a game of ping pong.

But this post is not about BKC. It is about one of the few double decker BEST buses that ply on the roads of Bombay. I am talking about the 310. The lifeline of BKC. It connects Bandra Terminus and the railway station to Kurla zipping across wide roads and neon lit trees. Running packed always this bus transports numerous construction workers to various building sites at BKC. Not to mention several other employees that work in the shiny glass buildings that render BKC it…

Community Policing and Self Defence: Tools against Urban Crime

Amidst Fukushima, 2G, Adarsh and CWG probes and amidst the Cricket World Cup, you might have missed the suitcase killer. Last week a suitcase containing a woman's dead body is discovered at Juhu Beach. The undergarments are missing and she is smothered. On Monday at around 2am, another suitcase is found at Sandhurst Road station. Inside lies the dead body of a 4 month pregnant woman clad in salwar kameez. Her undergarments are missing too and post mortem reports reveal that she had intercourse and died of strangulation. Both the incidents are similar except for one part. Rape. However, the modus operandi seems to be of similar nature. Both the women were in the age group of 24-25. The bodies have yet to be identified. Both the cases equally shock us. Source: Indian Express.

Several questions are raised about the security of women in the city. And if the cops don't manage to nab the killer(s) soon, the terror would spread. In such a scenario how do we react? Do we wait for the …