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Mother's Day Pizza Special.

Today being Mother's Day we decided to make Pizza. Although Aai wouldn't sit down and let me do all the work, I did a significant amount. So technically I made all the 6 pizzas with a little help from Aai. So here's how I made the good old Indian style Pan Pizza. Normally we always skipped the sauce so after reading up on it's importance, I decided to make one. I googled out a very simple recipe by Amul and modified it. I simply added a chilly or two to the onion paste, lots of pepper powder and finely chopped capsicum to the sauce.
The base was the regular mass produced one that is manufactured somewhere in Saki Naka. I heated the pan and tossed in the base. Let it warm up for a bit and then applied butter. The spread a thick layer of sauce and sprinkled capsicum and onions. Could have added Mushrooms but totally forgot about them. Then grated cheese all over it and let it cook over low flame. Kept a lid on so that the flavors were trapped inside. After about 6 minut…