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A Sandhurst Road Story

Sandhurst Road station is one of the many nondescript stations that dot the central and the harbour railway lines of Bombay. You pass it everyday but you never bother to alight. It is a remarkable engineering marvel. Located on a hill, the harbor line is elevated onto the upper level while the central line runs humbly at the foothills. The only exit is at the peak. Named after Lord Sandhurst, an erstwhile English Governor of Bombay, the fabricated material that holds it together has been imported from the UK way back in the 20th Century. And the metal pillars still stand strong. However, the history of the station is not important.

We need to walk down the peak, onto the slope and through Nowrosjee Hill Road number 5, past St Joseph's Church and cross Jail Road to enter Umarkhadi, Dongri. One glimpse at this region and the contrasts are glaring. The newly re-developed buildings versus the old school crumbling ones. Co-operative housing societies with passages that double up as b…