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A phone call to remember

The sun beats down upon his brow as it shines harshly through the steel window of the train compartment. Dilapidated old buildings offer some shade as the train slowly chugs into Mumbai Central station. Damn! it should have been raining he sighs to himself. Monsoons always a trigger a tsunami of nostalgia in his mind. All the stations are starting to acquire some meaning in his mind. But this time it it is not about the rains or the train stations. It's about the month and the date. Numbers. A year is a long time, not long enough to forget the parts, but long enough to forget the whole the parts make. His fingers play with the buttons on his cellphone and by instinct dial a peculiar number.

It is an unknown number to the cellphone, for, it has been erased from its memory, a vain attempt to erase it from his own long term memory. But he doesn't need LTM for this, it's hard wired into his fingers. By the time, the enormity of the act registers, it is too late. Summoning all…

Enjoy the monsoons, go trekking

I don't like the indoors very much. In that case, given a choice between a mall and Marine Drive, you know what I would choose. And I am not the only one. There are plenty of us out there, feeling stifled in air conditioned rooms craving for some fresh air. But surprisingly, there are many who would rather go to a mall, eat some junk and join a gym. If you do belong to this tribe, then I am not sure if you would enjoy reading this. Nevertheless, give it a shot. 

Yesterday's weather was perfect. Overcast skies, light drizzles and no sign of the sun. And the best part is that for the next three-four months the weather will remain the same barring the  variation in rainfall. This brings out the best of this region, - The Western Ghats. Sahyadris, as we know the Western Ghats in Maharashtra stand imposingly all around our island city. The ghats are carpeted in green and the peaks shrouded in misty mystery. The winds are chilly and life blooms everywhere.

So what is the best way to e…