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Aai Tuljabhavani Chowk

Aai Tuljabhavani Chowk conjures up images of a temple dedicated to the deity Bhavani - the demon slayer, killer of Mahishasura. One would also imagine that this chowk would be located in Tuljapaur, where the original temple lies. But then you are mistaken. It lies here, in the city. One can be sure that not many residents living in the buildings built around the chowk are also aware of it's location. It is that nondescript, well, almost. Located facing the chowk stands a cafe. It is an average cafe, serving good (premium) coffee (which can never match the essence of the Filter coffee, but good coffee, nevertheless) The patrons are mostly struggling actors or some established TV actors too. If you are a follower of some of the popular TV soaps on air, you might have a good time spotting Dr. Nidhi sipping her cappuccino after her tiring shift at the Kotnis hospital.

The seating is comfortable and apart from the mini-celebs there are many friendly faces around. Pretty women in skimp…

The boat

The day began with rain. It didn't manage to drench me, for I was on the train.
Rain drops splattered on my window. I smiled as I saw the wind blow.  You can see the wind, who says no? If only out there you go.  It is easy, trust me, my friend. 
Long ago, when the rain came down. Two smiles and one frown.  Streams formed at Versova. Frogs croaked and we made boats.  She launched a boat and I saw it float. Off towards the sea it sailed.
Lost in the monsoon swell.

My train stopped and many streams I crossed to reach the sea
Brown and angry, fully of plastic and foam pulling at me
I gave in and swam along, sooner that I thought, I was a bygone
In the sea, I remained afloat until I bumped into that very boat


There are many things happening simultaneously as I write this in my chamber. Well, it's not a chamber, it is a room, a small one at that but sometimes I like to feel stately. Many things - the fan is rotating slowly, the cats are sleeping, the folks next door are snoring. I am sure there is a crook lurking around in the darkness. The area dog has taken upon himself to guard my kingdom. He has been barking erratically over the past two hours. I feel like chasing the thief but then I don't want to give him the impression that I am guarding something valuable. Too much of an headache when all I have is a huge pile of books, growing rapidly on my bed. The double bed is now a single sized bed. How will I explain it to her if she decides to drop by for the night? I don't need to worry about her, for now, I am sure she won't come. No one visits anyway.

The night will pass on. And somewhere in between a bat will fly past my window. I see it everyday. Bouncing ultrasonic wave…